Travel Journal: Montréal

Ahhh it’s been a month and a half since my last blog post! 😦

Let me update you what’s been going on since then… summer homework, volunteering, summer homework, traveling, and of course summer homework. Yikes!!!

But I haven’t stopped taking photos through that time! The reason that this another “travel journal” post is because today I am showing a few pictures from when we went to Montréal for a few days earlier this summer. Here they are!


Hopefully, when and if I get more time, I will try to update my blog post more regularly as well as learn more photography skills. I really want to try and improve everyday 🙂

This was a short post but I have a lot more photos to share, from another cool trip I took, just a few weeks ago!!

But that’s all for today, see you next time!

(Instead of a quote I thought I would share a 6-word story I wrote for school): “I am always in the clouds”. Take from that what you will 😉

~My last blog post, Destinations

~Check out my Instagram and VSCO Grid

~All photos taken with iPhone 6 and edited with Photos for Mac



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